90 Years / Coincidences

90 years ago, in August 1927, the primate research center was established in Sukhum, Abkhazia. Also in August, but 2011 and in nearby Sochi (Russia), took place the 2nd International Congress of Primatology. Its works concluded with the 90th anniversary of Professor Lapin, who has been director of the Sukhum Institute since the 1950’s until he moved to Sochi during the Abkhazian-Georgian war, in 1992-93. Again in August, 2016, we finished shooting “Tarzan’s Testicles”, after 5 years of work. Our last day of filming was dedicated to filming Professor Lapin’s 95th anniversary. We were all older. But Professor Lapin stood up for 4 hours and listened to the chants, poems, praises and received numerous gifts from all those who took stage.

Lapin 1
Prof. Lapin, during his tenure at the Primate Institute in Abkhazia, probably in the 1960’s.

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